The Evolution Of Personal Portable Sound

2000 to 2009

The Decade Of Downloads

The evolution of portable music has grown since the late 90’s.  A basic mp3 player was very generic and boring, not allowing the user the ability to view the actually song they are listening to and artist. In the early 2000s’, the MP3 player updated to a more advanced and easier portable sounds player. Many of these players are very similar to one another however, they continue to grow and allow user many options when choosing the perfect portable sounds system.

First Generation iPod
File Lightmatter iPod 1G by Aaron Logan
is CC by 2.5

Apple iPod

The first generation of iPod created by Apple, was released in the late 2001 and highly identified by the large scroll wheel and surrounded by four buttons on the outer side of the wheel. The difference between this original first iPod and the older mp3 players is the size and easy ability to use. The iPod is a lot smaller and easy to upload as well as use. Also featured in Apple’s revolution of music is iTunes. iTunes was released January 9th, 2001 and was a pioneering and premier software that powered much of our music in the 2000s.

Archos Jukebox
File Archos Multimedia mp3 by
is CC BY-SA 3.0

Archos Jukebox Multimedia

In 2002 the Archos Jukebox Multimedia player and the first portable player with a 1.5 color screen. The multimedia player allows users to view images and play videos through the color screen.

Sandisk Sansa
File Sandisk by Mohylek
is public domain

SanDisk Sansa

In 2005, the flash memory maker SanDisk created their own version of a portable music player, known as the SanDisk Sansa. The Sansa music player allowed the device to enter an SanDisk flash disk. This allows the user to easily upload music to the device.

First Generation iPhone
File iPhone First Generation by
Carl Berkeley
is CC BY-SA 2.0

Mobile Phones With MP3 Players

The first mobile phone with a built in MP3 was the Samsung SPH-M2100 which was first launched in the 2000. However, the phone was updated with more advanced innovation in 2005.  Over the years, many other phones were created with the ability to add more music. However, the most common phone was the first-generation Apple iPhone created in mid-2007.